Apply for a Review

The review is done to verify conformance against the requirements for acquiring the eArchiving Conformance Seal. For this purpose conformance needs to be demonstrated by using the conformance self-assessment.

To apply for a review the following information needs to be provided:

  1. A completed self-assessment form (MS Word document or converted to PDF)
  2. An information package sample consisting of 3 packages per information package type (Submission, Archival, and Dissemination Information Package)
  3. The validation reports (JSON, HTML, or PDF format)
The above data and documents need to be aggregated into a single packaged container (*.tar, *.tar.gz, *.zip) and provided in form of a download URL (optionally password protected).

The maximum size of each information package is 40MB. The information packages must validate successfully using the E-ARK validator for information packages according to the corresponding specification for E-ARK SIPs, AIPs, and DIPs.