The following list are the requirements which need to be fulfilled to get the eArchiving Conformance Seal. Note that the individual requirements involve the creation and/or processing of E-ARK Information Packages which must conform to the E-ARK specifications. The evidence of conformance must be provided in form of E-ARK Information Packages with the corresponding validation reports.

I-1 The digital archive/archival solution shall ingest E-ARK SIP packages.
I-2 The digital archive/solution shall produce a response to the Producer about the result of the ingest process of E-ARK SIPs.
I-3 The archive/solution shall process one or more Metadata Standards used in the information packages.
A-1 The archive/solution shall persist Provenance Information from the point of Ingest as part of the archive’s/solution’s AIPs
A-2 The archive/solution shall allow exporting or providing access to valid and transferable E-ARK information packages so that these packages with their Provenance Information can be transferred to another E-ARK conformant archive/solution.
D-1 If the archive/ solution produces DIPs from the AIPS, the resultant packages shall be E-ARK conformant.

After filling out the form and providing the E-ARK Information Package sample together with the validation reports in form of a downloadable (URL) container file (TAR/TAR.GZ/ZIP), the application can be sent in the Get the Seal section.