Get the Seal

The eArchiving Conformance Seal demonstrates that a digital repository or electronic archiving system is conformant with the standards and criteria defined by the E-ARK specifications. Below are the basic steps to acquire the eArchiving Conformance Seal.

1. Validation
Validation is the process of testing a single Information Package (IP) file for conformance. You can start by verifying if individual information packages of your digital repository or archival solutions are valid by using the Validation Service to test if your information packages are conformant with E-ARK specifications.

2. Self-assessment conformance
eArchiving conformance of a digital archive or archiving solution
includes to meet the E-ARK requirements for ingest and processing of
Information Packages
, in addition to the validation of a representative
sample of information packages.

3. Conformance application review
A brief interview with the eArchiving Team is arranged to review the evidence provided and verify the implementation of E-ARK requirements for ingest and processing of Information Packages.

eArchiving Seal Logo

4. Seal
After successful review the eArchiving Conformance Seal is awarded by the European Commission.