eArchiving Self-Assessment 

The eArchiving self-assessment uses a form to guide an organisation or company interested in assessing the conformance of an archive, a repository, or a digital preservation solution with E-ARK specifications.

  1. In the first step the applicant fills out the self-assessment form and prepares a data sample according to the requirements specified in the form. Each information package must validate successfully and the validation reports need to be provided.
  2. An interview with the applicant will be arranged, and the review is performed by the eArchiving Team. 
  3. In the case of a successful evaluation by the eArchiving Team and final approval by the eArchiving committee, the eArchiving Conformance Seal is provided.

You can download the self-assessment report template here:

The filled out self-assessment form together with the data sample and corresponding validation reports is a necessary requirement.

Note that if you need assistance, the eArchiving initiative offers training and onboarding to help you getting a better understanding on how to efficiently make use of eArchiving.